iPexel understands search engine technology and how to create the right set of circumstances for the right types of results. This is important because the results for every search are different. That means the criteria for top page placement for a DJ is different than a carpet store. Each industry has different standards and you need to know what those standards are before you start doing the SEO work.


Keep in mind there are on average only 10 results per page so to be one of the ten on the top page out of the thousands, sometimes millions of results is a big deal. In fact, some companies spend millions of dollars a year to be there, which is only a fraction of what they make by being there!

iPexel SEO understands the different markets. We are a company that partners with different industries from around the world. Our work with this variety gives us a deeper perspective on the different techniques needed to help our clients succeed. Our services will help drive more traffic to your website, blogs, social marketing, video campaigns and other forms of marketing. Let us show you how to increase the overall traffic to your website and help you succeed more efficiently.